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United States
There is nothing interesting here for I have nothing there

Current Residence: A music room
Favourite genre of music: Screamo, Metal, and Skiffle
Favourite photographer: Alex <3
Favourite style of art: I'm more for the modern touch, and a blended type of realism and manga style art.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: (Red) iPod Nano, 2nd gen
Wallpaper of choice: The Capital Wasteland: GNR radio tower
Skin of choice: the one I'm wearing seems to fit pretty well
Favourite cartoon character: Courage the Cowardly Dog <3
Personal Quote: dsjbfvsiyzvb;zb
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Overture - TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk)
  • Reading: Something on my Kindle
  • Watching: Myself play Fallout 3
  • Playing: FALLOUT 3
  • Eating: Rinpops
  • Drinking: NOS
Stolen from :iconshinyking:

[ ] You have a hardy nature
[ ] You're a born leader
[ ] You're a charmer
[x] You have a great singing voice
[x] You love reptiles
Total: 2

[ ] You have a jolly nature
[x] You are kind
[ ] You love all animals
[x] You can keep a beat
[x] You are true gentlemen/lady
Total: 3

[x] You can be hot-headed
[x] You are short tempered
[ ] You go into a rage when you're mad
[ ] You hate going swimming
[ ] You're the bad boy/girl type
Total: 2

[x] You love to swim
[x] You have a lax nature
[ ] You are a strong swimmer
[x] You like soft jazz music
[ ] You can dance
Total: 3

[ ] You can take a hit or two
[x] You like shiny things
[x] You love/loved gems/metals
[ ] You have a bold nature
[x] You have super hard bones
Total: 3

[x] Your head is always in the clouds
[x] You have a hasty nature
[x] You love flying
[ ] You can be intimidating for your size
[ ] You always feel like you're flying [who always feels this way?!]
Total: 3

[ ] You love to play mind games with people
[x] You don't like to fight
[x] You have a docile nature
[x] You love to play games
[x] You often run away from things
Total: 4

[ ] You are strong
[ ] You are vain
[x] You don't give up so easy
[ ] You love to fight
[ ] You have a bold nature
Total: 1

[ ] You love the shadows
[x] You don't get out much
[x] You have a bashful nature
[ ] You like to scare people
[x] You love scary movies/shows
Total: 3

[ ] You are a lone wolf
[x] You have an impish nature
[x] You're not a social person
[ ] You don't get along with people
[x] You listen to heavy music like metal or hard rock
Total: 3

[x] You know a lot of things
[ ] You have a naive nature
[x] You stand out easily
[x] You love all music
[x] You can do anything if you put your mind to it
Total: 4

[ ] You have a relaxed nature
[ ] You love bugs
[ ] You love country music
[x] You can play a stringed instrument
[x] You're peaceful
Total: 2

[x] You have a serious nature
[x] You can play a drum like instrument
[ ] You're hard headed
[ ] You're big
[x] You have/had a solid relationship
Total: 3

[ ] You have a cold heart
[x] You love cold weather
[x] You love cold food/drinks
[ ] You've broken someone's heart
[ ] Someone has broken your heart
Total: 2

[x] You have a rash nature
[ ] You kill things a lot
[ ] You don't listen to that much music.
[x] You don't have good plans or strategies
[ ] You often hide in the shadows
Total: 2

Normal/Psychic Type

I am Meloetta! The Melody Pokemon -…

Considering the fact that I'm a Music major, this pleases me

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Juffs Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch buddy!
rustypinhead Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Hello! Thank you for the watch.
MyVampyreNightshade Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
Hey! you're welcome <3
leonkennedyisgod Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Professional Writer
wow I feel like a dick. that devid is pretty sexeh.

i just came here to tell you that your signature is creepy, I never noticed it before LOL
MyVampyreNightshade Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Haha, well thank you, you don't have to feel like a dick. I actually forgot that ID was up there for a long time

I love when I get that reaction! I wrote a strange little poem awhile back and that's a line from it, some people tell me the poem is really cute and I always thought they were crazy cause when I read it it comes of creepy as hell

Sorry I didn't reply forever, I got a massive Malware while on dA and I had to system restore and let my computer recover, I think all is good now though
DrVonFunkMachine Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
Haaaay get on AIM!
euclidstriangle Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Thank you so much for the fav! I'm really glad you liked the pic! :D
elvenarcher Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi hi! Many thanks for the :+devwatch:! :hug:
MyVampyreNightshade Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
You're very welcome! I have to tell you I found out about your deviant art from you friend who works at The Body Shop, I went into the mall for make up and we ended up sitting there for half an hour talking about cosplay

And she was right, your Neji is wicked awesome!

elvenarcher Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
LOL! ~MSomebody-CNobody had told me she met cool peeps at work :D Funny thing is, she's a MAJOR closet nerd :XD:

Thank you! He's one of my favorite characters so I try really hard to do at least a decent job ^^;
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